10 Common Modeling Category

For general a model seems to a model to everyone but if you are part of modelling industry or want to know it closely. You will know that it’s not same for all model to put under a general category of model. Here in this article I will tell you about few major type of model category which is helpful for you to understand in which category you can keep yourself if you want to start your career in modelling. 1. Commercial Models Commercial models is very common category of modelling and most of models come under it. A model who work for advertising and representation of products called commercial model but here is point that every model can’t represent every product. For example in advertising of a fitness product audience would like to see a fit model who has a athletic body figure. While in advertising of house hold products audience would like to see a general model. The range of commercial modelling is so wide and all shape, size and age models fit in this according to products they are gonna represent. If we talk about income through this category then it is least because of easily availability of models.

2. Fashion Models Fashion models are like queen of modelling and have very strict body balance to achieve this. Models come in this category are around 5 feet 8-9 inch tall and should have very slim waist about 23 or 24 inches. Bust and hips size should be around 33-34 inches and curves should be very smooth. These are the models who shows up on cover pages of high ranked fashion magazine like Vogue. These are models who get payments in millions of we talk about income.

3. Swimsuits or Lingerie Models Swimsuit and Lingerie models generally have long legs and smooth thighs. These models are normally taller like fashion models near 5 feet 9 or 10 inches. These models are more curvy than fashion models. They get booking for event photo shoots like calendar photo shoot or magazine photo shoots. They get payments session wise and much lesser than Fashion models. Most of swimsuit models work as nude and semi-nude photos too

4. Parts Models Parts models pose for specific body parts like hands, legs etc. They get booking for small photo shoots like advertisement photos for shoes, or some pictures for a hat. You see these models in print media advertisement. Most of models of this category work in modelling as part time. But because of this specialty they get payments higher than commercial models.

5. Plus Size Models Plus size models are not mean for obesity. This category comes here because of a reason. In modelling industry slim size is very slim. A fashion model's waist could go low to 20 inches while 23 inches consider as perfect so in this case a model who has waist around 28-30 inches will be consider as plus size model. These models are popular in full wear dress in which middle exposure is zero.

6. Body Art Models Body art models are very special models these models can represent any story just by using their body language. These models are booked for non fashion artistic photoshoots especially for some individuals projects or some situations. These models can be consider as nude model too but don’t get confuse here with porn or some seductive photography. Pro level or some enthusiastic photographer are able to use talents of these models by dramatic poses. These photo shoots are not for popularity and most of models of this category are normal person in their daily life. To being this model is not easy neither finding a that level photographer is quite hard.

7. Production Models These are models who represents products in events and launches. Models you see stand right front of car launch event or models who works in cooperate field are falls under this category. They earn I’m thousands also. But have very hard work.

8. Mature Models Aged models who still show grace after 40s are considered as mature models. These models are booked for co photoshoots with other models. These models are rare but less demanded too

9. Ramp Models If you ever notice you hardly see any ramp model to somewhere else. These are tall models and especially trained for ramp walk. They have expertise in expressions and can work in crowd easily. Most of them have a flat and slim body.

10. Glamour Models Glamour models are much more sexy, seductive and attractive than Fashion models. They earn almost same as fashion models and work for magazines like Playboy. Marilyn Monroe is type of Glamour Model.

Note- These are generally divided category of models on work preference basis. It is not necessary that a model can’t do all roles. While I work in India so I want to mention here things are a bit different. First of all here modelling is not considered as a good profession because of you know all cultural facts if you are Indian and second reason is hesitation because of lack of knowledge. Being a model is a great experience and India is not behind in this. We have given many Miss World Title. So best of luck for your career. Read and Share. Questions and Suggestions are always welcome www.instagram.com/bm_captures


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