10 Things a model should carry in her bag

It seems quite difficult sometimes for new models to know what they should carry when go for photo shoots. So here I made a list of few things which you can carry with you. In last of article I mention few things which should follow you as a model

1. Sunglasses Never forget your sunglasses at home. Conditions at shoots could be anything if shoot is outdoor than sunglasses are must. 2. Small Make Up kit Most of photo shoots lasts few hours and you will definitely need your makeup kit to touch up. Your make up kit should be small and contains all important accessories like lipstick, Platters, eyeliner etc.

3. Back Up dress Keep a pair of t-shirt and jeans as back up dress always. During shoot your main dress could be get dirt and some disarranged issues sometimes and you don't want to return home in this dress so keep an option on always. If possible carry a set of black and nude color undergarments if going for fashion shoot

4. Artificial Jewelry You can keep a few pieces of artificial jewelry like a decorative big ring or a simple but attractive necklace. Which makes you look different in crowd.

5. Your Portfolio Portfolio is important for a photographer to understand a model faster. If you show your portfolio to photographer before photo shoot then he/she can catch up with you easily and faster. That’s why always carry it. 6.Water and Snacks As a photographer I went to very remote locations sometimes for getting good photos. So, a model should carry a water bottle and some snacks for them. As a photographer I always carry for myself.

7. Mobile and Power bank Mobile is essential and everyone carry it now but power bank is also must now. In late photo shoots you can stuck with a dead battery phone. 8. Skin Freshener and Perfumes Photo shoots can be very tired, especially in summer so carry a pack of skin freshener napkins and small perfume. 9. Something for your hair Hair clips, Rubber bands etc. good accessories can be very helpful during shoots to give you different looks.

10. Patience This thing you can’t carry in your bag but in your mind. Remember a photo shoot is not for you always and you are not queen of there. A whole team work for it so keep patience during shoots. Sometimes setting up a setup took longer than enough. Note: - Be on time, in modelling industry you can be successful if you’re a person of words. So, if you said yes for shoot for any specific time than be there exact time and never ever cancel any shoot just before moment without any emergency. It can be big hole in your career.

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