Beautiful Comet in sky for everyone

Comet are beautiful to see. They are nothing just a big chunk of ice which revolve around the Sun in large orbit and when it comes near to the Sun. It become visible with a long tail. Comets are visible in morning before sunrise and in evenings Just after sunset.

What are comets?

Comets are icy junks and irregular shape objects which were thrown away at time of creation of Solar System. These icy pieces are called Comets. Comets revolve around the Sun in very large orbits. Orbital period of comets could be in thousands of years. Comets come from outer solar system and some are also possible from another solar systems.

Comets are made of water, frozen in space.

Why Comets have a tail?

The most amazing thing about comet is its tail. Comets can have hundreds of km long tail which shines in sky and make is visible. While all comets are not visible by unaided eyes. A tail of comets is jet of water vapor. When a comet came near to Sun it start heating and heated ice converted into gas( Vapor) directly because of no air pressure. This vapor forms a jet in away direction from Sun and it glows in Sun light.

Image of Comet Neowise taken from France at 13 July 2020. Image Source- Wikipedia

What is Comet Neowise?

Comet Neowise is recently discovered in 27 March 2020 by an infrared telescope of NASA named Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. This mission was extended by NASA under program Near- Earth - Objects (NEO) and WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) is name of telescope. So comet is named Neowise. For catalog purpose comet has been named C/2020 F3 This Comet is about 5 km in dimensions and will pass at 5.4 crore kilometer (54 Million km) distance from Earth. When ans Where you can see it? Comet Neowise will be visible after Sunset for 20-40 minutes in North-West direction. It will be bright enough to see with naked eyes if sky is clear and no light pollution is there. In that case binoculars are required.

You can enjoy this lifetime experience with you family and friends.


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