Corona Virus Update- America is top on list now

Updated: May 5

From 1st December 2019 first case of Wuhan China to today 27 March in these 117 days this virus infected more than half million people throughout the world. According to many survey websites America has more than 85 thousand cases of Corona while Italy has more than 8 thousand deaths till now because of corona.

According to current status America has 85,996 cases of Corona virus which while Italy struggling with 8,215 deaths. Spain has 64,059 infection cases with 4,858 deaths. The growth of corona virus hit a rapid speed in this week. The following graph show that how fast it is spreading. According to Johns Hopkins University total 61,900 new cases has been recorded at 26 march 2019.

Countries like USA , Italy and China got failed to stop this epidemic, Which make scenario worst for poor countries in future. As of now no vaccine has been developed to cure it and whole world is being prepare for a complete lockdown to stop spread of this. India is first who declared 21 days complete country lockdown at night of 25 March. As of now India is in second stage of Corona virus with around 843 cases.

Not even big countries even leaders of many countries getting infected of this corona virus. Prince Charles found positive of corona and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the corona virus. Prime Minister of Britain Tweet this video

According to The NewYork Times "As the United States became the global epicenter of the pandemic, state and local leaders urged President Trump to take more aggressive steps to mobilize the production of critically needed supplies. Instead, the White House suddenly called off an announcement about a venture to produce as many as 80,000 ventilators, out of concern that the estimated $1 billion price tag would be prohibitive.
In a White House briefing, Deborah L. Birx, the administration’s coronavirus response coordinator, insisted that talk of ventilator and hospital bed shortages was overwrought, but she warned of new hot spots developing in and around Chicago and Detroit.
At the same time, many governors said the sweeping stimulus bill fails to provide states with enough money to battle the growing coronavirus crisis.
While several governors said that the bill was a positive — and appreciated — start, they also said that it was not nearly enough to deal with plummeting state revenues and growing pleas for assistance from their residents.
The stimulus includes block grants to states, as well as money that states can draw from to address various needs. It allocates, for instance, $30 billion for states to use on education, $45 billion for disaster relief and $1.4 billion for National Guard deployments. Several medical schools in Massachusetts and New York said this week that they intended to offer early graduation to their fourth-year students, making them available to care for patients eight weeks earlier than expected."

The another upcoming issue is world going to face that Doctors and Medical staff who are attending infected people getting infected themselves and hospitals are facing issue with low staff and they already facing issue with lack of medical equipment and facilities. Countries like India has issue with testing scale. A country with population of 1.3 billion is not doing test enough with required speed. Indian government declared a 21 days lockdown in whole country to gain some time for testing and resupply medical materials. Countries like India which has low income and most of family fall under category of middle class are not able to take care of expenditure of testing lab charges.

For now only advise is to stay home as much possible. #stayhome #savelive #coronavirus

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