How to do a Virtual Photo-Shoot

What is virtual photo-shoot?

Virtual/Online Photo-shoot is trending in this lock down period due to Covid-19 virus. As we are lock down in our homes so people related to media market are looking for new ways to connect with their passion and people of same interests.

In Virtual Photoshoot things take place a bit differently. Both parties’ model and photographer connect via video call. Model need to prepare him/her self-according to theme of shoot and pose over video call. At other end photographer click photos with his/her camera through screen.

What are the benefits of this virtual photo shoot?

Connectivity and creativity are key of success. World is facing this type of hostage situation first time in modern age. Virtual shoot allows you to know more people of same interests and letting your circle expand. It is like a challenge which help you to do your things even flow is not good.

How to prepare yourself as photographer for Virtual shoot?

1. Prepare a theme-

Just like a regular shoot prepare a theme for your photoshoot. Remember few things while preparing your theme that it should be simple and creative both time because model will need to arrange lots of things if you will make any thing complex. Discuss with few models to know that what accessories they have so you can make something with those.

2. Explain your theme-

You need to explain your theme very clearly to your model. You can use reference photos or some simple drawings to do that. Don’t try to impose something in which your model is not comfortable or search someone who are comfortable with your taste.

3. Keep Patience-

Models are mostly not camera or light familiar so keep patience and tell them how to sort out these things. Tell them how to pose, how to keep phone and how to face lights.

4. Be Creative-

Don’t finish your work just with some screenshots make yourself creative and try to add some effects with your shoot. You can’t edit photos as much but try to edit surrounding.

How to prepare yourself as model for Virtual shoot?

Models and Photographers are doing this first time so both are new for this but here are a few tips which will help you to work out in this.

1. Discuss theme of shoot with photographer and prepare outfits according to that.

2. Arrange a clean place which is full of natural light. Place like near windows or balconies are great for this.

3. Groom yourself according to theme.

4. Make your self creative with using domestic things in your frame.

5. As Model maybe you face issue to place your mobile/laptop camera on right position so listen your photographer carefully.

Note: - Be sure about payment related things before start shoot. Be clear if you are doing it on collaboration basis or paid one.

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