21st June Annular Solar Eclipse India

Solar eclipse always gives amazing and adventures vibes to me and I think most of people feel thrill during this. At 21st June 2020 an annular solar eclipse going to occur in North India. It will be a great astronomical event to see.

In case if you are confused with what is annular solar eclipse. Here I will explain few things about solar eclipse. If you prefer video you can click here.

Solar eclipse occurs when Moon come between of Earth and Sun with a line of sight. This even cast a shadow of moon on Earth and the place where shadow falls people from there can't see sun for a while.

Solar eclipse falls under three types:

  1. Total Solar Eclipse

  2. Annular Solar Eclipse

  3. Partial Solar Eclipse

1. Total Solar Eclipse - We all know that Sun is millions time bigger than moon but both seems same size from Earth. Reason is Moon is near and Sun is far and both share same field of view from human eye so we see both in same size. Now distance between Earth and Moon varies on a noticeable level and due to this variation size of Moon vary. It can be bigger than Sun or smaller than Sun. Now suppose this thing happen during solar eclipse, then?

So, during solar eclipse if Moon is a bit near to Earth its apparent size become equal or larger to Sun and it covers sun properly and fully and it called Total Solar Eclipse.

2. Annular Solar Eclipse- It is almost

same as total solar eclipse but it occurs when during total eclipse Moon is a bit away from Earth and its apparent size seems a bit smaller from Sun. That time it covers Sun but edges of Sun visible which makes a ring of fire in sky.

3. Partial Solar Eclipse- As its names says it happens when Moon cross front of Sun with a part of it. During this eclipse Earth, Moon and Sun never come in full line of sight. So, it covers only a part of Sun.

Overall Solar eclipse is rarer than Lunar Eclipse because Moon casts a very small shadow on Earth and a Total or annular Solar Eclipse is rarer. According to calculations a place on Earth can face only one or 2 Total Solar eclipse in 375 years.

Caution to see Solar Eclipse- Intensity of Sun light is clearly dangerous for human eyes. You should never see Sun direct even it is on Total eclipse.

You can use following things to see Solar Eclipse

· Black polished glass

· Xray sheets

· ND (Neutral density filter)

Note- Solar or Lunar Eclipse don’t affect anything/any human/any animal on religious basis/ health basis/ or any other astrological base.

It is just an astronomical event enjoy it.

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