Vibrant looking portrait cards and digital layouts for your business

What makes a portrait more vibrant, simply its colors and presentation way to your audience. I love to mix pictures with texts sometimes it really look cool and appealing to people.

Here I will share few tips to make your portraits looks vibrant and appealing and mixing with text.

Hi Everyone this is Bharat from BM Captures and in this article we will learn some cool tips for your portraits templates for your business and clients showcase First I will put 2 examples -

As a photographer you don't finish your job just after clicking photos. There are lots of things remain which comes under post processing work and most important work after you get some good clicks. Presentation of your work-

You can be low on customers even you have good photography skills with high end editing knowledge. You must have knowledge to represent your work to public and your customers.

A presentation attract people to you and make you outstanding in world of competition. To make a graphic card or digital layout for your business or personal profile you need to follow these steps:

1. Choose device on which you will represent your work.

Selection of device is important because there are 2 types of orientation of digital devices.


Long form factor - Mobile devices

a) Choose canvas according to your device selection. Here I use 1920x1080 landscape format. b) Choose at least 2 photos of similar color tone/grading.

c) Make sure you have matching background color or keep it white for start.

d) Give a relative title and put it one of corner of canvas. Use lines or other simple illustrations to give a catchy look to your template.

e) Try to keep things simple and keep canvas clean. You need to take canvas as table top and all other things like images, texts and illustrations are your office things which you need to arrange on your table top nicely.

f) Type information in small groups and keep them on canvas in different ways and places.

g) Don't forget to mention your contact information. You can add some tips or some related quotes to make your template more attractive and give professional look.

At last make your templates more convenient to reach out people and make your work more professional. Never try to overlay lots of things on canvas.

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Here I am sharing some clients works sample which you can prepare for your client work


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